The Mid-Ohio LGBTQ Community Center
presented by the Mansfield Gay Pride Association

The Mid-Ohio LGBTQ Community Center
When the Mansfield Gay Pride Association was founded in 2015 we wanted to celebrate the individuality of the LGBTQ community in Mansfield, Ohio and it’s surrounding area.  The foundation of that celebration is the annual Mansfield Pride Festival and Parade.  We are now in the progress of building on that foundation with the creations of the Mid-Ohio LGBTQ Community Center.  As we plan and grow, the community center, we will provides services, education, counseling , and fulfill the needs of the LGBTQ community and it’s allies.

A safe place
The Mid-Ohio Community Center will be a place for the LGBTQ community to come to learn, seek counseling, hang out, a place to feel welcomed and safe.  The center will have private rooms for mentoring and counseling.  It will have a common area were people of all ages can come together and hang out, have activities, and feel safe.  There will be spaces for functions and fundraisers and office  space for businesses and nonprofits to service the LGBTQ community and it’s allies.
A Place to Learn
The community center will include a library filled with book, magazine, along with other kinds of print and other media detailing the struggle of equality and the LGBTQ community in the United States.  It will also be a place that records and house historical information and data relating to the movement.  Patrons will be able to get tutoring and take part in community education courses.
Diversity & Inclusion
The community center will include a Diversity & inclusion department that will address the needs of a diverse group of individuals including but not limited to the transgender and the people of color communities.  The department will have a group of committee members that will not only ensure that the community center and the Mansfield Gay Pride Association address all issues of the LGBTQ community but it will also work with local and statewide business to ensure the inclusion of all people regardless of the gender, orientation, race, religion, or any other group that does have fair and balanced representation.
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The Mid-Ohio LGBTQ Community is a division of the Mansfield Gay Pride Association, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.